Kicks & Costumes Pt. 2: 20 More Head to Toe Halloween Looks

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Halloween means a lot of things to a lot of people. Kids trick-or-treat, partiers party and most of us do our best to do something original with our get-ups. Last year, we gave readers a 20-costume guide on how to to kill it with your costume, while wearing the proper kicks. Naturally, we had to hit you with 20 more this year.

From Hova to hoopers, Dirk to Doc Brown, the options for this year?s footwear-accurate costume guide are vast. Check out all 20 and then get going on your get-up; the skanky nurses, skanky bumblebees and skanky pirates are waiting.

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brian wilson

Shoe: Y-3 Hayworth II Mid

Accessories: Tuxedo wetsuit, Homeless Man’s beard, XXL Chalupa

FACT: Brian Wilson is a strange guy. FACT: Brian Wilson is also a funny guy. The San Fran closer welcomed pop culture fame for his personality over the last year, and now you can front like you make MLB bucks. Carry the Taco Bell as a solid nod to his current gig slinging Chalupas, but also because it’ll save you from having to fight off a bunch of drunk ghosts, jokers and vampires at the local taco truck at 2 AM.

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