Kevin Durant Breaks Down the Nike KDX “Numbers”

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Showing how committed he is to the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant re-signed with the team this summer at a discount. Thanks to Durant taking less than the max, the Warriors were able to bring back Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala. Also because of Durant, the Warriors are also set for the future as they now have some extra wiggle room to potentially re-sign Klay Thompson in 2020.

Durant’s long-term commitment to the Warriors isn’t just noticeable from his new contract. The Warriors All-Star also incorporated the team into the “Numbers” iteration of his Nike KDX, making it the first signature sneaker to feature a team’s logo.

Durant talked about the Nike KDX “Numbers” with the incomparable Julie Phayer for the Warriors’ team website:

So, how does it feel knowing that your signature shoe is the first one to have a team and NBA logo on it?

It’s pretty sweet. Once the league got the Nike deal I was excited that we would be able to bring some cool stuff to the floor through my shoes. I’m definitely excited for these Strength In Numbers to drop. I’m looking forward to the reaction to the stuff we drop all year; not just for me, but for all Nike athletes.

What does Strength In Numbers mean to you?

It means that you can’t win anything, you can’t be successful unless you have a great team around you – a great group of people that you rely on, that you learn from. You know, we’ve got a number of those guys in this organization, so definitely that’s what it means to me when it comes to Strength In Numbers.

Is there any specific reason for the design – a white shoe with blue and gold accents?

The white is just a classic look and we wanted to go with something vintage but new. It gives it a flare of being a home game shoe, but then you find the small details in the shoe that give it color and flavor, and swag. So, it’s a cool dynamic.

The Nike KDX “Numbers” is available now at for $150.

Image via Nike

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