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Kanye West recently gave Vanity Fair an all-inclusive interview of his inner most thoughts. From his YEEZY Season 2 collection to a vow to run for presidency in 2020, West opened up about everything, including sneakers.

“I feel like the Air Force One or the shell toe speak to the ultimate version of what sneakers were 20 years ago,” said West, when asked about adidas partnership. “And I think there’s something about the 350s, that feeling of what sneakers are today. And I just want to keep going in there and working on the shape and the last and the way the knit feels, the padding, the colors, to hopefully make that shoe where 20 years from now people say the 350 represented what shoes were in 2016.”

In context, West would also speak about the adidas Yeezy Boost series and its point to remain limited for the time being. He would compare the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 and its exclusivity (thus far) to that of a Submariner Rolex or a Eames chair. These grail worthy items don’t necessarily mirror the shoes in monetary value, but do so in exactness regarding cultural relevancy.

The staying power of Yeezy designs isn’t up for debate. Both his music and footwear creations are time-honored in very short order. West believes that [with sneakers] he’s tapped into something that even the greatest would gravitate towards had time been on their side to do so. “I think if Michelangelo was alive or Da Vinci was alive, there’s no way that they wouldn’t be working with shoes, as a part of what they work on. Definitely one of the things they’d work on would be shoes. I’ve gone three years without a phone. I don’t go a day without shoes.”

Check out the full Vanity Fair interview with Kanye West here.

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