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With the Kanye West x adidas collaboration due to officially unveil for the first time tomorrow during New York Fashion Week, West went on the Ryan Seacrest radio show to talk details. In the interview, West dished out critical information for the collection many have been salivating over for months. He first mentioned that he would be showing the collection 10 times over the next few days and it would be streamed globally.

West followed by confirming that the adidas Yeezy Boost would retail for $350 and 9,000 pairs would be made available for general consumption. The shoes, of course, release Saturday, February 14 in New York City. Here are a few quotes from the interview:

We’re gonna show the presentation over the next two days, where if you’re a family in Brooklyn, you can bring your kids and just check it out. We’re gonna stream the presentation to 40 locations around the world. If you’re in Atlanta, and you’re a fresh kid, and you wore the Margielas, and you find out ‘Ye’s got this fashion show that you can see at 4 o’clock, there’s that energy and you can feel it! This isn’t about elitism, this isn’t about separatism.”

“The shoes come out this Saturday. There are only 9,000. They’re $350. I just wanna make sure we keep it safe. I’ve heard about people getting hurt over sneaker culture…Just be patient, we’ll make more Yeezys. Eventually everyone who wants Yeezys will get them.”

“Next year, my focus is high school uniforms. When I was growing up, kids were getting hurt for their sneakers.”

Stay tuned for more on Kanye West x adidas and the adidas Yeezy Boost.

Source: Complex

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