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“I heard Kanye a jerk, how can you say that?” Big Sean’s “See Me Now” quips prove true in a recent Vine starring Kanye West and his typical arch-nemesis: the paparazzi.

A clip from 247PapsTV finds Mr. West taking a brief break from a phone call to smile and say “I like those Jordans” to a young photographer shooting a snap of Kanye before he enters his ride. The Jordans of compliment? The “Iron Green” Jordan Futures.

While Kanye is now famously with adidas and even more famously has another signature shoe on the way, it’s a nice reminder that complimenting another on their sneakers goes a lot further than a flex. It’s important to note too that Kanye’s deal with adidas is as a designer more so than an endorser. Any good designer has an appreciation for another’s good design, whether compadre or competitor.

For those wondering what Kanye is wearing in the Vine, it appears to be the pair of Army boots he’s been favoring as of late. Look for the adidas Yeezi to release in 2015.

Lead image by Splash News

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