#MJ50: Michael Jordan’s 14 Best Shot & Sneaker Combinations


During his career, Michael Jordan certainly had a lot of unforgettable dunks, but this celebratory retrospective isn’t about those high-flying, rim-rocking slams. To celebrate #MJ50, we have decided to highlight some of MJ’s most memorable shots. Additionally, we have identified the sneakers His Airness wore during these timeless moments. Sure, you may know what MJ rocked in his “Last Shot” over the helpless Byron Russell. However, what did MJ wear during “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo? What was MJ wearing during his closed eyes free-throw? Check out Michael Jordan’s 14 Best Shot & Sneaker Combinations, and let us know your favorite shot & sneaker combination in the voting poll below.

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Michael Jordan’s Game Winner over Byron Russell (’97 NBA Finals)

Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”