Jonah Hill Talks Favorite Skate Shoes & Not Having a Stylist

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Recently, Jonah Hill and Sunny Sujic joined Joe La Puma from Complex to shoot the latest episode of the Sneaker Shopping.

During the Sneaker Shopping shoot, Jonah Hill talks about his latest movie Mid90s and his favorites skate shoes when he was growing up. He goes on to speak about getting Nike Dunks from the mall because the internet didn’t exist and how Nakel Smith is amazingly talented.

Later in the episode, Jonah Hill explains why he does not have a stylist, and always styles himself. Sunny Sujic also talks about his favorite skating shoes and skating in expensive shoes.

At the end of the episode, Jonah Hill and Sunny Sujic drops over $3,000 on sneakers.

Watch the Latest Episode Here:

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