Jon Gruden Gets Dropped By Skechers For Leaked Emails

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Disgraced and former Las Vegas Raiders head coach has been in the news in the sports world due to his recently exposed emails which featured racist, homophobic, and misogynistic language and the most random fallout from this scandal is that Jon Gruden had a Skechers deal?

According to Business Wire, Gruden signed a deal with Skechers in early 2021 and was even featured on a commercial for their Arch Fit line. That deal is cut abruptly short after the leaked emails.

Jennifer Clay, Skechers vice president of corporate communications told USA Today via email “Upon learning of these developments, we immediately terminated Mr. Gruden’s endorsement contract and our affiliation with him. Skechers believes in equality, fostering tolerance and understanding for all people. It is at the core of who we are as a global lifestyle brand and why we have a zero-tolerance policy for such behavior within our business including those who we formally work with. We believe taking a stand against racist or derogatory comments and for inclusion of all is imperative.”

Grand opening, grand closing.

Check out the commercial and awkward announcement photo below.

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