James Worthy

Could there be a more felicitous player for clutch games? If you check his r?sum? or were around to witness his performances, you?ll know that James Worthy is definitely apt for his moniker, ?Big Game James.? The trend that backed the nickname began when Worthy suited up in Carolina blue. In the 1982 NCAA Championship James scored 28 points on 13-for-17 shooting and stole a pass from Fred Brown to seal a Carolina victory. After viewing his collegiate successes, the Lakers decided to pull the trigger and select him first overall in the 1982 NBA Draft. With teammates, Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Big Game James was able to continue to prove his reputation as he posted incredible numbers in the 1985, ?87, and ?88 championship victories. Worthy remained with the Lakers throughout his career of 12 seasons. Two years after retiring in 1994, James was honored with the title of ?One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History.?


In 1985 New Balance decided it would be shrewd to sign James Worthy to endorse their sneakers. This partnership brought a James Worthy signature line to fruition. Under Worthy?s name New Balance released the 590, 785, and BB800. Unfortunately, New Balance was unable to compete with Nike although the public did enjoy their basketball sneakers. Once New Balance shut down their basketball operations, Big Game James moved on to Adidas and then Nike.


New Balance 590

New Balance BB800