Internationally Known: Overseas Exclusives We Want to Release in the US

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With a major release seemingly every weekend, US sneaker consumers don’t have much to complain about in regard to access or options. Sure, shoes can still be hard to get, but for the most part everything is, at one point or another, available here. Well, almost everything. Today we highlight eight of the best kicks that don’t hit America. Let us know which overseas exclusives you’d like to see in the US in the comment section.

Nike Air Max Plus

By now we probably sound like a broken record, but hey, we really want the Nike Air Max Plus to retro Stateside. The shoes have circulated in European Foot Lockers for seasons, evolving in colorway and composition. To no surprise, we’d just like to see Nike keep it OG and launch the “Hyper Blue” and “Tiger” colorways around here. Absence has definitely made the heart grow fonder on the famed Tuned Airs.

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