The INFINITE App and LegitGrails Introduce a Better Way to Authenticate Your Sneakers

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Collecting and selling exclusive sneakers is as rewarding as it is stressful. From missed releases to counterfeit products entering the market, trust and authenticity is hard to come by in an industry full of fakes. INFINITE, and its legit check partners, are looking to change that.

Unlike your Apple MacBook, sneakers aren’t manufactured with a serial number to identify one pair of Air Jordan 1 J Balvins from another pair of Air Jordan 1 J Balvins. As a result, counterfeiters only need to manufacture counterfeits that can pass the naked eye test. INFINITE is solving this by issuing “titles” for your sneakers – a new and sleek way to identify a sneaker and verify its authenticity, maintain ownership records, and track condition information. 

QR and NFC tags aren’t new to the sneaker space. Hundreds of resellers apply  QR codes to the packaging so collectors can scan shoes in-store and learn more about them. In 2018, Sneakercon released a hanging NFC tag that, when scanned by the Sneakercon app, let collectors know if the sneaker passed its authentication process. Unfortunately, these solutions suffered from one major flaw: they were one-time-use. Most people removed the tag and tossed it in the garbage after purchase.

How INFINITE tags are different

A few words about the INFINITE NFC tags for you to have a clearer idea of what those are: the tags are tamper proof chips that allow your item to enter the blockchain forever. Each tag is uniquely crafted, which ensures that it can not be altered or replicated, hence eliminates any possibility of fraud. Moreover, it is durable enough to last for the life of your product; the tags are designed for an infinite use.

Unlike the current tags on the market, INFINITE NFC tags concealed in the toe box of your shoe forever. INFINITE gives you the power to have confidence and assurance in your high-end sneakers through their iOS Application. Once your sneakers are verified as authentic by partner authenticators such as LegitGrails, INFINITE will send you a tamper-proof sticker to be attached to your shoes, allowing your sneakers to forever live in the digital world as authentic and nothing less.

Their partners, such as LegitGrails legit check service, are helping to make this vision a reality. LegitGrails, a sneaker & luxury goods verification platform with dozens of years of combined experience in legit check training, allows the INFINITE members to link their sneakers to the database and get their desired tag. Their team of authentication experts make sure that every item is carefully reviewed, making it possible for the INFINITE members, and the future owners to ensure the authenticity of their items.

How it Works

The process is exceptionally simple, let’s say you wish for your new pair of Jordan 1 Dark Mocha to enter the INFINITE database. First, your pair would need to pass the Jordan legit check carried out by the LegitGrails Team (or other partners). When your pair is confirmed to be authentic, an authenticity certificate, containing a unique code, will be sent to your email. This unique code would then need to be inputted into the INFINITE app, and your tag will be on its way!

“LegitGrails was initially established to help the individual customers save their time and money by making sure they avoid counterfeit goods. However, after realising the true scale of the problem of fakes in the retail sector, our team decided to take it much further,” says the co-founder of LegitGrails, Nikita Chen. “This partnership with INFINITE helps our company to be a step closer to our vision, which is providing authenticity for all of our stakeholders. By combining our teams’ efforts, we are hoping to become a new standard for the authentication of the hype and luxury items.”

Recently INFINITE released some exciting updates. First, the app is now publicly available to everyone. Second, INFINITE now offers the option to use your StockX receipts to get tags ordered. Finally, if you authenticate your sneakers for free on INFINITE, you can enter to win some of the hottest shoes on the market including Yeezy 350s, OFF-White Jordan 4s and currently the Nike Air Max 270 x Travis Scott “Cactus Trail.”  

It is important to understand the purpose of the idea in this fast-paced market. The INFINITE app aims to provide peace of mind for their members and the future owners of the verified items. Nowadays, there is an unimaginable amount of counterfeit goods flooding the market, and the problem is particularly large in the retail and luxury sectors. Due to the high responsiveness level coming from the fake manufacturers’ audience, the copies are getting more accurate every day. Currently, the previously mentioned Jordan 1 Retro High Dark Mocha were amongst the ‘hardest to verify’ sneakers ever released.

“We’ve designed INFINITE as a powerful, simple, and engaging tool, with the end consumer in mind. With just a quick tap on the toe of your sneaker, you can relieve any doubts about the authenticity and history of a product,” says the product developer Garrett Lee. “This is definitely an evolution on the current authentication solutions in place and we hope to become  the future standard for all sneaker authenticity.”

Now, INFINITE acts as your guide to the world of certainty, and helps you create your ‘digital wardrobe.’ INFINITE plays the role of a bridge between the physical product and the digital world. The app connects everything a sneakerhead needs, and allows you to eliminate any of your, and the future buyers’, doubts. The INFINITE app helps to better utilise your time and energy, saving your money on the way. 

Discover the possibilities by downloading the iOS application and start to build your online closet today. Sneaker culture is more than just the hype and the shoes. It’s about trust.

Use the code “NICEKICKS” when checking out with LegitGrails in order to receive $9 off your first authentication.

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