Ian Connor Discusses A$AP Rocky Mentorship, Pastelle & Revenge x Storm Sneakers

In a recent interview with Hypebeast, the somewhat hard to find but always interesting Ian Connor sat down to discuss an array of fashion related topics.

Sitting down at the Tokyo Pop-Up Shop for his Revenge x Storm sneaker line, Connor cites Nigo’s reworking of the Air Force 1 as an inspiration of sorts for his first foray in footwear. Taking the Vans Old Skool — his favorite silo — and replacing the branding with lightning bolts, it’s not rocket science but it’s for sure well-executed. Perhaps coolest part of Connor dipping into footwear is the goal for his sold out shoes to not live in the space of hype and glamour but more so everyday life. Connor had this to say about the aspirations for his footwear line:

“For it to be an everyday wear shoe, for the norm to have it. So it’s not just a fashion shoe, or like a cool person shoe. I want like an old lady to own my shoe or a little boy who doesn’t know or give a fuck about who I am, but just likes the shoe. That’s the focus.”

Pretty rad. On top of that Connor shares an update on Pastelle, stating that it’s in Kanye’s hands so not much word on the timeline. More in depth, he also discusses his relationship with A$AP Rocky. To hear what he had to say, enjoy the quick read over at Hypebeast.