How Does the Satin SBB Compare to Her Older Brother?

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words + images by @MrsTeriyaki

So far this year we’ve seen momentum build around two things in particular – the Air Jordan 1, and women’s releases.

In late January we saw the two collide with the Air Jordan 1 “Season of Her” collection; a palette of colourful tones placed on the classic silhouette with some added feminine touches.

Fast forward a few months and it brings us to this weekend’s hottest release, the Air Jordan 1 Satin Shattered Backboard. The added twist? Unlike the two Satin predecessors, these are a female exclusive.

A few details stand out and we can see similar traits from the “Season of Her” collection, with both the embroidered swoosh and icy orange sole. Another difference is the tongue, which is completely satin.

Now, the quality of a Jordan 1 is normally scrutinized; and more than often compared to 2015’s original Shattered Backboard. So, seeing as this is of the SBB family, we would expect to see that fan-favourite butter-soft leather… It pleases me to report that you will not be disappointed once you get these in hand. Both the satin and the leather are utterly wonderful.

If we’re going to compare the two, which everyone is, it pains me to say that the leather on the younger Satin SBB might just be that bit better than the OG. Every single panel on this pair is super soft whereas some of the smaller black panels like the ankle collar can be a little stiffer on the original pair.

The satin is also something to note on this pair, it is very nice to the touch and works really well with the leather and the fully embroidered swoosh.

So, how does the Satin Shattered Backboard compare to her older brother, the original SBB?

Well, they are both still their own shoes in their own rights. Each pair created and executed to a high standard, one a little chicer than the other. She pays her respects while holding her own.

Ladies, or even some gents, did you manage to grab a pair this weekend? If not, will you paying extra for the resell market to get your hands on one of the years most luscious releases?

Peep the video below for an even closer look and a side-by-side comparison.

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