High School Student Surprises Teacher with Jordans

Sep 23, 2016 | Matt Halfhill |



This is a story that needs to be shared.

Hector Montez, a seventeen year old senior at Coronado High School in Lubbock, TX and loyal reader of Nice Kicks, wanted to thank his teacher and coach, Thomas Walser, for the past three years in a big way for all of the dedication and guidance that he has given him.  To show his appreciation, Hector surprised his coach with a pair of shoes that Coach Walser wanted since he was in the sixth grade – the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi.”

We caught up with Hector this morning after a video of him surprising his teacher went viral on Twitter amassing over 50,000 Retweets.

“He mentioned his favorite shoes he never got one time and I always remembered it. I don’t think Coach even remembered the conversation, but being a sneakerhead, I always held onto that conversation and remembered it.” Hector told Nice Kicks.

Hector told us how much of an impact Coach Walser made in his life.

“When I entered high school, I didn’t have the best home life and was a bad kid. I was running around with the wrong kids, gave attitude to teachers, and Coach really invested so much time into me to turn my life around,” Hector explained.

“Words can’t describe the impact that coach has had in my life and getting him this pair of shoes was literally the very least I could do for all that he has done for me since he moved here from Amarillo three years ago.”

In his last year of high school, Hector is preparing for the next level having applied to three colleges including University of Houston, Texas Tech, and Odessa College.  Hector is preparing to be the first of his family to attend college in the fall.

“Something that Coach told me that has always stuck with me is ‘You gotta be the change you want to see.’  I will always carry those words with me for the rest of my life.”

Hat tip to you, Hector. We wish you all the best.

Coach Walser surprised by a new pair of Air Jordan 12 "Taxi"
Coach Walser surprised by a new pair of Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”
Air Jordan 12 "Taxi"
Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”



Nike has sent a special surprise to Hector.


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