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During the 2014 NFL Playoffs, I’m pretty sure I described Kam Chancellor as being “Batman” to one of my closest friends. Continuing to marvel at his supreme athleticism, this was showcased by the safety leaping over an entire offensive line, not once, but twice, in order to block an opposing team’s field goal try. At that moment, everyone, including his doubters, understood just how special Kam Chancellor could be.

Fast forward to the Monday Night matchup during Week Four of the 2015 NFL Season as the heroic efforts of Kam Chancellor were on display for all of the world to see, as he would dislodge the football from a rumbling Calvin Johnson as he was merely inches away from the goal line. Subsequently winning the game for the Seahawks and providing the perfect segue into the latest edition of Gridiron Kicks in which Chancellor is a prominent member of our Starting-11 countdown.

In addition to Kam, several notable players make the list as well, along with this episode of Gridiron Kicks featuring the one and only, LeBron James. To see for yourself, check out the video above to enjoy.

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