The Green M&M Pursues New Passions As She Teams Up with JazzyRae to Create a Sneaker

The iconic M&M’s bunch have decided to go their separate ways as the individual spokescandies are taking an “indefinite pause” as the face of the classic candy brand. Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph has stepped up to be the new star of M&M’S Super Bowl LVII commercial, as the spokescandies leave to pursue new passions. After the Green M&M caused a controversy last year by swapping her iconic boots for sneakers, the rebellious spokescandy has decided to pursue sneakers full time.

To get started, the Green M&M will be teaming up with sneakerhead Jazerai Allen-Lord. JazzyRae is a leading lady in the sneaker space and even released her very own Reebok Club C back in 2019.

To create her very first sneaker design, the Green M&M will be telling her story across TikTok and Instagram in hopes to inspire future entrepreneurs. The Green M&M feels that her new path in life is reflective of her unique personality, while also staying true to the M&M’s mission of bringing people together through fun and belonging.

Green has also partnered with Zappos as their all-new shoefluencer as she curates a list of her ideal kicks. To celebrate her IG takeover, Green is giving her fans 20% off a Zappos order of $200.

As for the rest of the humorous and colorful M&M’s bunch, the spokescandies continue to create a world for all funkind as they tackle their passions.

For the OG M&M’s Red and Yellow, the departure has been hard. Yellow spent his whole career as an M&M’s spokescandy and feels that he was born to be a spokescandy. Thankfully, he has found a new position at Snickers and gave People Magazine an exclusive tell-all for their latest issue. As for Red,┬áhe is trying to capitalize on his long tenured fame by making his presence known on eBay to sell his M&M’s collectibles in his own store.

The Orange M&M is now a meditation content host on Spotify, doing his best to help others find inner peace, whether or not he is able to do so for himself. Meanwhile, Blue is becoming a sports commentator lending his colorful take on every angle of the upcoming Big Game.

Purple is continuing her mission of spreading authenticity and acceptance through her passion for music, working with one of the world’s best vocal coaches, Cheryl Porter, to create music on TikTok and Instagram.

Green’s partner-in-crime, Brown, is becoming a guest host at Cheddar News as she offers her perspective on representation in business.

It seems that the M&M’s spokescandies will have their final farewell this weekend at Super Bowl LVII. For more information and updates on the M&M’s spokescandies, visit Take a look at Green’s sneaker below and follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

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