GaTa and New Balance Collide on Journey Discussing Running and Mental Health

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New Balance’s devotion to sport and social causes has elevated the brand beyond the material. In fact, over the course of the past month, the Boston-based retailer has combined discussion of both subjects with their latest “Beyond the Run” series with actor, rapper, and mental health advocate GaTa.

The series follows GaTa and former professional runner Samia Akbar, the latter training him for his first race. While doing so, the series also discusses the real life implications of living with bipolar disorder, and how running has helped GaTa both mentally and physically. From beginning to end, both GaTa’s mental health and training are highlighted, with the final episode sharing the biggest takeaways from this reflective period.

“Anyone who watches my show knows I have bipolar disorder” says GaTa. “Growing up in South Central LA, I was never able to just ‘go out for a run.’ That was something that was never safe enough to do. Now, I find that running can be a great way for me to meditate. I run to find peace, I run to find happiness.”    


Every episode of “Beyond the Run with GaTa” are available to watch now on the New Balance YouTube channel.

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