From Kilroy to Grandmama: The Best Kick Commerical Characters

This season?s Air Jordan 9 lineup is loaded with colorways inspired by 1994?s Johnny Kilroy ad campaign. While it?s easy to forget (trust us, we have) that all the makeups from the Kilroy pack do indeed derive from MJ?s retirement era TV spots, it’s also worth taking a look back at other ads with noteworthy characters. In this commercial spotlight, check out the best alter egos and characters from sneaker ads. Share your favorites with us in the comment section.

Mars Blackmon

Comic relief for serious sneakers? It was a match made in marketing heaven for Nike and Michael Jordan. Spike Lee?s Mars Blackmon character made the monunmental move from the big screen to the small screen, debuting in the Air Jordan 3 ads and plugging many models afterwards. The success spurred imitation and imagination for a series of sneakers to follow.

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