Four Things We’d Like to See at Yeezy Season 4

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Yesterday was a historic day for Kanye West and Adidas with the unveiling of Yeezy Season 3 that took place at Madison Square Garden, simulcast to scores of theaters, and millions of people around the globe through live steams.

The show gave fans of Kanye a first listen to his upcoming album, The Life of Pablo, and a first look at the collection for Yeezy Season 3, but it could have so much more to it that I was hoping to see. Hopefully we will see some of these ideas implemented for Yeezy Season 4 and beyond.

Allison Halfhill and myself flew from Los Angeles sitting amongst many en route to see the show hearing the anticipation of what we would see as well as what we hope would happen for future shows. The flight home provided another six hours to soak in what we saw, digest the festivities, and provide a good brainstorming session of what we would like to see to make future Yeezy Seasons even better.

Below are four ways that Kanye West and Adidas could make Yeezy Season 4 the best ever.

1. Yeezy Season Mobile App

Yeezy Season 3 photo by JP Yim/Getty Images via Zimbo

What can be done today within a mobile app is nothing short of amazing. All show long, phones were in the hands of tens of thousands of people in Madison Square Garden taking photos, videos, and sharing those assets to friends. Why not produce an app that let’s people connect and engage with one another about what they are seeing in real time?

This app could easily stream the show as well as provide a host of communication and sharing features where-by one can amplify the story of Yeezy Season directly from a mobile device with quick connect links to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share in real time what is shown.

As we all know, the Kardashian family knows a thing or two about how to monetize with apps. Asking attendees or fans abroad a small fee to see and experience the show from their mobile device is a very small ask considering the lengths fans were will to go to see the collection.

2. Live Pre-Ordering of Products

photo via @adidasoriginals

It was not a surprise that the Kanye camp had limited merchandise stands at the show with takeaways for attendees, but why not take things up one notch higher with live pre-ordering of products shown in the show. This would be the first of its kind in the sneaker and fashion space making “first looks” of the collection also an opportunity for consumers to transact and purchase the goods shown. With the buzz and excitement of millions engaged, future Yeezy Seasons could pre-order more volume than could ever be distributed through traditional sales channels.

Currently, every Yeezy release draws a headache for retailers both online and in-store — live pre-ordering would alleviate this.

3. Live Feedback Broadcast at Shows

photo via Live Events App

Feedback and data collected from viewers and attendees is invaluable. Something as simple as “likes” on while the camera is focused on certain pieces of the collection would not only be something that people would want to share, but would also give Kanye and Adidas immediate and measurable feedback as to what is and isn’t a hit for the brand.

I have attended many live events that display a board of instant and immediate feedback as well as analytics afterwards as to what were the “hottest” moments of the show.

4. Live performance by Kanye West

photo via Lightborne

Who doesn’t want to see Kanye perform? Anyone who has attended one of his shows can tell you how great of an experience it is whether it was from the College Dropout days or on the Yeezus Tour. While it was great to hear much of Kanye’s new album, getting the opportunity to see it performed would be next level in making one of his Yeezy Season’s incomparable to anything ever done in the fashion world.

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