Former DHL Employee Charged With Stealing $60K Worth of Nike Products

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A former DHL employee has been with theft of property for stealing around $60,000 worth of Nike product from a Fox Meadows warehouse in Memphis, TN according to WREG.

Chamon Davis was arrested and charged on Tuesday where she printed duplicate tracking numbers and shipping items to alternate addresses. Nike was able to recover about $10,000 worth of product and it’s unknown how long she’s been going at this.

Davis confessed to the crime and was released from jail on Tuesday morning with a court date set next month.

Courier theft has been an issue with the sneaker industry as of late with customers complaining about “missing” orders, canceled orders after shipping confirmation, and sneakers being stolen and being delivered with empty boxes. Nike has also started shipping with a different box where it’s easier to access and see what’s inside the closed box, making the item worthy of getting snatched or not. The alternative shipping box features “JUST DO IT” tape branding and makes it tempted for porch pirates and thieves to steal items.

According to WREG, they’ve reached out to Nike and DHL and at the time of this post, they haven’t received a response.

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