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Playing with class, excellence, and respect, Hakeem Olajuowon was a role model to many and one of the greatest ambassadors the game has ever seen. While his sneaker line is not the most coveted, it is a testament to a man that heard the cries of others and answered with an affordable alternative. His Spalding signature shoes made all walks of life smile while his play in them made opponents frown. During his 1994-96 NBA championship run, Hakeem had a Kobe-like stint that included a 47 point highlight reel win over the San Antonio Spurs. In remembrance of the man that had a dream, we pay respect to another honorable man known simply as ?The Dream?.

Who: Hakeem Olajuwon
Kicks: Spalding Signature Shoes
Event: 47 Points in Game vs. San Antonio Spurs
Date: January 13, 1995

Hakeem Olajuwon in his Spalding Signature Sneaker
Ad for Hakeem Olajuwon's Spalding Sneaker Line

Ad picture courtesy of Defy New York

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