Foot Locker Pledges $200 Million in Support of Black Communities

The last several weeks in the United States have sparked a call to action within every corner of America to come together for the Black community. Sneaker culture is no exception, especially since sneaker culture would not exist if it weren’t for Black culture. Plain and simple.

Brands (some, at least) have stepped up by pledging substantial dollar amounts to organizations. Certain brands have also committed to increasing their organization with more diverse employees. You can view the entire breakdown of what each sneaker brand is doing here.

Foot Locker recently announced that it would donate $200 million over the next five years to Black communities. The funds will be dedicated to organizations focused on education and economic development. Read Foot Locker Chairman and CEO Richard Johnson’s statement below.

“We stand resolute in our commitment to fight racial inequality and injustice,” said Foot Locker Chairman and CEO, Richard Johnson.

“This commitment extends beyond words. It is part of our culture and the way we operate as an inclusive and diverse organization. We recognize that Black Culture plays a pivotal role in shaping Sneaker Culture – the foundation of our business at Foot Locker, Inc.

We believe we have an obligation to add our voice and actions to drive meaningful and lasting change across our company and within the communities we serve.”

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