Flowers for Society Delivers an Exclusive NFT with their SEED.ONE Sneaker

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Flowers for Society is a new German footwear brand with a mission to bridge the gap between sneakers and NFTs. They’re changing the game with an innovative process that combines the hunt for sneakers and originality of NFTs with their SEED.ONE sneaker.

Although Flower for Society’s venture is cutting-edge, their system is simple. When you buy their Seed.ONE shoe, a customized NFT will be delivered to you, which will be the key to all future brand releases. Only individuals who possess the NFT will have access to future limited edition releases and collaborations, making it more valuable over time.

Flowers for Society founder, Till Jagla, believes that this is the refresh that the sneaker industry needs. “Nowadays it’s become almost impossible to get the releases or the sneakers you really want,” says Jagla. “I truly believe the brand will become a safe space for collectors, sneakerheads, and even the NFT community. We want to make people feel again and hope our metaverse will be based on values, storytelling and products that really make a difference.”

Flowers for Society’s first ever release is known as the SEED.ONE. Just as the brand’s NFT process, the sneaker is simple yet innovative. The sneaker has an all-over grey makeup with a mix of mesh and suede. The sculptural details on the midsole and upper give the sneaker a futuristic appeal.

It’s extremely important for interested fans or investors to get their hands on the SEED.ONE, as its signature NFT will be the key to all future Flowers for Society releases. Upcoming sneakers will also come with their own unique NFT, but the access will be limited. Jagla further explains this saying, “This first NFT will be the key to all future releases, limited editions, and exclusive collaborations. Obviously we will mint more NFTs down the line, but those with the original one will always have an advantage and probably will become the most valuable to own.”

The Flowers for Society SEED.ONE is set to release on November 6, 2021. You’ll be able to purchase these sneakers online from the Flowers for Society website. The price is unknown. For more sneaker releases and updates, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

Flowers for Society SEED.ONE

Release Date: November 6, 2021

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