Feature LV Offers a Tutorial on How to Black Out Your Boost Soles

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Over the weekend, adidas Boost launched with color for the first time and boy did pairs go fast. While Boost cushioning in a pantone other than white has long been desired, DIY methods have offered an alternative for the adventurous. Today, Nevada-based boutique Feature LV shares their secrets on how to make your Boost soles black. Peep the video above to find out and check out their step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 – Prepare The Midsole
Pour some Angelus Deglazer onto a cotton ball or a white rag. Using the cotton ball, rub gently against the midsole until you see the gloss finish on the midsole become dull; making the midsole a matte white color. (Don’t use too much Deglazer and do not rub to hard or else it will eat away at your sole). Let the shoe dry for 5 minutes then proceeded to the next step.

Step 2 – First Coat Of Paint
Start to apply the Angelus Black Leather Dye using a small paint brush until the surface of the midsoles is completely black. For added precaution, apply painters tape over any Primeknit surface that you don’t want painted on. (To ensure a better turnout, apply 2 coats of Black Leather Dye. Let the first coat dry for 10 minutes, then proceed to apply the second coat.)

Step 3 – Add A Matte Finish
Apply 2 coats of Angelus Flat black paint with a medium sized brush, using the same technique as in step 2. Wait 10 minutes after each coat is applied before applying the next coat. (OPTIONAL: To add a semi-glossy finish apply a coat of Angelus Matte Acrylic Finisher using the same technique as the previous two steps.) Let the paint set for 24 hours before you wear.

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