Reebok Question: Your Favorite Players’ Favorite Sneaker

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Today, Reebok re-released the timeless Question to the excitement of many. The Question is undoubtedly one of the top basketball shoes ever, and you can’t help but think of A.I.’s greatness when looking at this shoe. During his rookie year, Allen Iverson captured everybody’s attention, including his competitors and talented fans; that’s right, Allen Iverson impacted and influenced some of your favorite players today, competitive-wise and sneaker-wise. Check out today’s Your Favorite Players’ Favorite Sneaker: Reebok Question feature, which sees the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas laced up in the Reebok Question.

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LeBron James

King James kicks off our list of players spotted in the iconic Reebok Question. Throughout his high school career, LeBron wore a plethora of sneakers, including Jordan PEs, adidas T-MACs and the previously mentioned Reebok Question in a white and black color scheme. He also wore a special, white and red pair during the 2003 McDonald’s All-American game that featured “L23J” on the side panel.

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