Our Favorite and Most Disliked Foamposites of All Time – Nice Kicks Staff

The upcoming “Elephant Print” Nike Air Foamposite Pro and “Wheat” Nike Air Foamposite are two of the most polarizing colorways we’ve seen on these iconic silhouettes. You either like them or you don’t; there’s no in between. But doesn’t that define the Foamposite model in general?

For our latest installment of Kick Chronicles, we, the Nice Kicks staff, identify and detail our favorite and most disliked Foamposites of all time. Check out the Foams each of us selected, and share with us your favorite and most disliked Foamposites.

Cameron White

Favorite: “Copper” Nike Air Foamposite One/Most Disliked: “Weatherman” and “Thermal Map” Nike Air Foamposite Ones

With the countless amount of sneakers I’ve owned over my life, I have never had a pair of Foamposites. The price is just too steep for my pocket book. However, I still appreciate the Eric Avar designed silhouette and what it means to sneaker culture. My favorite Foamposite would have to be the “Copper” Foamposite One, the metallic flair complemented the shoes aesthetic very well.

My least favorite foamposites comes from the monsoon of printed foams being dropped on our heads over the last year. Easy pick for me since I’ve hated the “Weatherman” and “Thermal Map” Foamposites since I first laid eyes on them, by far the worst foam drops in the silhouette’s history.

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