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words & images // Nick DePaula:

When Australian phenom Dante Exum was deciding on which sneaker brand to sign with just before last summer’s NBA Draft, it was his experience playing in the Crazy Light franchise all through high school that won him over when choosing adidas.

“The Crazy Light 1 was the biggest shoe for me,” Exum explains. “I think bringing that type of technology to the game was something special for a player like me, that likes to be light on their feet and quick. It’s a great technology.”

Exum spent time playing in each of the first three Crazy Light models during his time at grassroots events like adidas Nations and with the Australian national team, before making the huge leap to the NBA without any college or international pro experience.

After being drafted 5th overall by the Utah Jazz, the playmaking guard has been wearing the fourth edition of the adidas franchise, the Crazy Light Boost, all season long as a rookie.

“You notice going from another shoe that doesn’t have Boost to putting on Boost, you just notice that first feeling,” beams Exum. “It just cushions your foot.”

Just like the player exclusive pairs made for fellow rookies Andrew Wiggins and Marcus Smart, Exum’s custom PEs honor his upbringing and heritage. While his Utah Jazz jersey hues make up the colorway, there’s an all-over Commonwealth Star graphic drafted off of the Australian flag found along the entire upper. There’s even a custom “EXUM” screen atop the tongue, which features additional padding per Dante’s request.

Check out his size 13 away pair of the Crazy Light Boost in detail below.


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