Enterbay Releasing Limited “Rookie Jordan” Collection for Doctor’s Without Borders

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There’s a lot of conversation lately of whether or not the resale and retail bubble has bust and just how many kicks one person can not only consume but hold. Where do designers like Virgil Abloh or artists like Playboi Carti point to the culture shifting? Interviews suggest they see it shifting out of the closet and into the room. Furniture and interior design may be the new place of expression and collectibles of other sorts.

Enter the Enterbay “Rookie Jordan” Collection. No you can’t wear them and no you probably won’t play with them, but they do serve as a creative expression of an interest in footwear beyond stacking boxes and a conversation piece of sorts.

Featuring ’84-85 Mike with gold chains and all, the set comes with both the Air Ship and OG Air Jordan 1s for miniature Mike. What’s even better? This is 100% for the love as all proceeds go Doctor’s Without Borders.

To make your room pop and give back, you can bid on this limited edition set now on eBay.

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