Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade’s signature shoe line has not received a lot of attention. Since it began, the Converse sneaker line has been overshadowed by lines of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and others. A mind-blowing dilemma surfaced during the 2008-09 season in which Dwyane Wade did not wear his Converse Wade 4.0 at all. Instead, he laced up the Converse Wade night in and night out. This act has raised questions as to whether Wade will continue business with Converse.

Converse Wade

Converse Wade Playoff Edition
2006 Postseason

Converse Wade 1.3
2006-07 (1st Half)

Converse Wade 2.0
2006-07 (2nd Half)

Converse Wade 2.0 Playoff Edition
2007 Postseason

Converse Wade 3.0

Converse Wade 4.0
2008-09 (Wade did not wear)