Dwyane Wade Gives His Kicks to SNL’s Leslie Jones // Video

Last season when he played for the Chicago Bulls, Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones asked Dwyane Wade for his shoes. Playing it off as a joke, Wade didn’t end up giving Jones his shoes.

However Jones was quite serious and reminded Wade about it when they ran into each other this past summer. So not wanting to disappoint her, Wade promised Jones that he would give her his shoes the next time she came to one of his games.

Sticking to his promise, Wade gave Jones his Li-Ning Way of Wade 6 after the Cavs beat the Knicks on Monday. Jones was extremely hyped to finally get Wade’s sneakers.

Wade’s grand gesture truly impressed Jones as she said he “shoe proposed” to her.

Jones ended up giving one of Wade’s shoes to “a kid” but she put the other one in a prominent place in her home.

It may have taken Wade a considerable amount of time to give his shoes to Jones but he clearly is a man of his word.

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