Digitsole: Insole Of The Future?

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Cold feet may be a thing of the past. A current Kickstarter campaign has begun for the company Digitsole, they are looking to secure a $40,000 pledge in order to produce the first interactive insole that heats your feet. Connecting with your mobile device, this innovative insole is able to warm your feet on your direct command, while tracking your daily footsteps and calories burn-off. In addition, the Digitsole insole has a battery life of 7-hours to a couple of days, depending upon use. Digitsole expects to have their innovative insoles retail for 99 dollars plus, upon its availability to the public. Is this something you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments section below, so your voice can be heard. And stay tuned to Nice Kicks for the latest news and exclusive content.



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