Designer of Atmos Nike Air Max 1 Wants to Change the 2017 Re-release

Sneakerheads rocked the vote for the Air Max #VoteBack last month and decided that the Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant” should return for Air Max Day in 2017.

A decade ago, the Nike Air Max 1 released just in Harlem and Japan at Atmos and was extremely hard to get a pair. So much so that the secondary market demands upwards of $900 per pair.


The news of the #VoteBack victory for the shoes was well received by many sneakerheads, but there is a bit of a catch. Koji, the designer at Atmos of the kicks, would like to see them return with some changes.

As I said, it will be released next year. It would be very interesting if I could change some design or materials for the new Air Max 1 “Elephant” 2017 version. I’m not sure it would be approved but I’m curious… (laughs)

Hopefully this will mean something very subtle or Nike will choose not to alter them at all. We saw what happened with the shaggy suede Atmos Nike Air Max 1s that recently released whereby sneakerheads literally shaved off the long-haired suede with clippers.

Stay tuned for updates on this release that is set to arrive in March of 2017.


Source: Hypebeast

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