DeSean Jackson’s “I Can’t Breathe” Custom Cleats

Dec 11, 2014 | Pierce Simpson |



In an act of solidarity that has caught-on with plenty across America, the “I Can’t Breathe” initiative in honor of the late Eric Garner has helped raise further awareness on the unjust circumstances surrounding law enforcement apprehension. With plenty of professional athletes showing their support, such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is the latest player to show his. With the help of custom artist SolesBySir, Jackson showcased his “I Can’t Breathe” custom cleats within his Instagram page on Thursday. The Nike Huarache 4 LAX LE is the model featured, eliciting burgundy and gold color-blocking along the upper with the inscription “I Can’t Breathe” along the toe box of each model. For those looking to see more, tune in next Tuesday for the week 15 edition of Gridiron Kicks to see where this custom model ranks on our Starting-11.


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