Derrick Rose Talks Return & adidas D Rose 4

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Nice Kicks: This shoe sees your personal logo featured more prominently than ever. What does the D Rose logo mean to you?

Derrick Rose: I think it’s special for my mom and my brothers because it’s really a family logo. Almost everyone in the world has a family. For someone to get my shoe and actually know where I came from and know my story they can just feel it. It’s honest. It’s family first with me and I just try to put my family out there like anyone else would.

Nice Kicks: Second to your family is the city of Chicago. Growing up you’ve said that Michael Jordan was a hero to you and that you admired the impact he had on the city. What does it mean to you to play for your home city?

Derrick Rose: It’s kind of like a second coming where the city is starting to get that buzz back again like when MJ was playing. Everybody’s coming to the games and everybody’s tuning in. The only thing to change now is that when Mike was playing there wasn’t any crime. Whenever the Bulls came on, crime went down probably 50 to 60 percent. I’m just trying to get that status so that whenever the Bulls come on there’s no crime, everybody’s in a positive mindset and train of thought, just tuned in to what we’re doing. I think that the guys on the team are working hard to impress a lot of people here in Chicago.

Nice Kicks: Speaking of your teammates, we saw more players on the Bulls roster wearing adidas last season. Can we expect more of the same this season?

Derrick Rose: Out of the starting five I think there’s gonna be three players out there in adidas. I remember being on the team and I was the only guy on adidas. To have other teammates not just rocking my shoe, but rocking adidas period, feels good.

Nice Kicks: Fast forward to your first game back. What music will be on in your headphones before that first tip off?

Derrick Rose: Right now, the Drake CD leaked so I’m listening to it. [Laughs] I’m gonna buy it, but I’m listening to his CD right now. I’m also listening to Big Sean right now. I was listening to Big Sean and J Cole when I was just on tour in Asia. Between those three, they’re gonna be in rotation.

Nice Kicks: Off court, we saw your first lifestyle collaboration with the Jeremy Scott x adidas D Rose 3.5. What was that experience like?

Derrick Rose: That’s another blessing. For a basketball player to even tap into that market of fashion, and especially an icon like Jeremy Scott? C’mon, man. My first time ever meeting him was after the shoe came out. For me to meet him after the shoe came out and see how big the buzz got was great. Taking pictures with him and talking with him about how he designed the shoe was a nice conversation.

Nice Kicks: Lastly, what can fans of our Kicks On Court column expect from you this season?

Derrick Rose: It’s gonna be an exciting year. I hope they tune in. Trust me, I’ve got some crazy looking shoes coming out in the future.

Special thanks to adidas and Derrick Rose. The adidas D Rose 4 launches on October 10th and is available for pre-order now at adidas.

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