Dee Brown

Don?t you love seeing small dudes holding their own in the NBA? Whether it be their agility or ability to get shots up amongst giants, most people just love to support the little guys. Dee Brown took these sentiments from fans to the next level in 1991 Slam-Dunk Contest when, as a rookie, he executed the immortal ?No-look? dunk. Brown?s career began in 1990 with a 19th overall pick by the Celtics. Dee played with Boston for eight seasons until he was traded to Toronto in 1997 where he played for four seasons. In the 2000-01 and 2001-2002 Brown finished up his career with the Orlando Magic.

Once Dee Brown inked a deal with Reebok, those aforementioned little-guy sentiments from fans helped fortify the Pump as one of the most coveted Basketball sneakers in the early 90s. More specifically, the Pump Omni lites will be forever bound to Dee?s ?No-look? dunk performance. In the breathless moments before his final dunk, Brown nonchalantly leaned over and pumped up his Reeboks and then proceeded to throw down the prevailing dunk. After Brown bolstered sales for the Omni lite, Reebok had no choice but to award him with a signature shoe, the Pump D-Time, which released on April 8th, 1993. Recently Reebok has re-released the Omni Lites and D-Times in various new colorways to commemorate Dee Brown. The most notable of these?retros is?the “Dee Brown Slam Dunk Champion” Pump Omni Lite which was released during the 2009 All-Star Weekend.


Reebok Omni Lite Pump

Reebok Pump D-Time

Reebok "Dee Brown Slam Dunk Champion" Pump Omni Lite (profile)


Reebok "Dee Brown Slam Dunk Champion" Pump Omni Lite (Tongue & Insole)