Danny Ainge Wants A Drop Of Terry Rozer’s PUMA ‘Drip’

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Taking full advantage of the NBA’s removal of color restrictions on sneakers, Celtics guard Terry Rozier played in the bright “Red Blast” iteration of the PUMA Clyde Court Disrupt in Boston’s 115-112 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday.

For Rozier, wearing such bright shoes was just all part of his “drip.” Plus Rozier could care less if you don’t like his kicks because he’s going to keep doing what he wants to do.

“I’m trying to have some drip, come out with some drip — mainly for the young kids,” Rozier told reporters on Monday. “Nike and adidas are everywhere but being different is something that I take pride in. Puma’s the new wave. You can get on the train or get lost. It don’t really matter to me. It don’t help me out or nothing. I’m gonna still come through with the drip regardless”

While he may have just been talking confidently, Rozier actually does seem to be inspiring others to get in on the PUMA wave as Celtics general manager Danny Ainge tweeted at the reserve guard asking if he could get just one drop of his drip. Quite amused by Ainge’s request, Rozier hilariously told the general manager that he will hook him up with some PUMA golf gear.

For comedic purposes, let’s hope Rozier actually honors Ainge’s request because seeing the Celtics general manager in some brightly colored PUMA sneakers would simply be amusing.

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