Adikt Footwear

Adikt Footwear
3839 McKinney Ave #140
Dallas, TX 75204

Brands sold at Adikt Footwear:
Acapulco Gold, Akomplice, Creative Rec, Complete Technique, Evisu, Greedy Genius, Kidrobot, king Stampede, Lacoste Stealth, Mighty Healthy, Mike23, Mishka, New Balance, Orisue, Puma, Reebok, (soon to have) Recon, Rocksmith, The Seventh Letter, 10 Deep, 3sixteen, (soon to have) True, and Vans Vault.

For most people outside of Dallas, many think the city would be full of cowboy boot wearing, steak eating, rodeo loving, cadillac driving, yee-hawnin’ folks, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Though the “Big D” does not have a sneaker shop that every sneakerhead across the country could name off the top of their head, this city has a ton of sneakerheads and some hot spots like Adikt Footwear.

Adikt’s founder Darren Young, first got hooked on the pink Air Tech Challenges (Andre Agassis) back in the day. When asked why those were what got him hooked, he replied, “I went to a private school that had uniforms. Sneakers were the only way to express individuality and these shoes did just that.”

Adikt’s approach is to not just be a spot to buy hyped up shoes and hyped up t-shirts, but to incorporate the sneaker culture lifestyle. You can expect to find alot of goods in Adikt that no other shops in the DFW area would sell. Though Adikt is pretty young and fresh as sneaker shops go, you can bet we will be hearing more about this shop. Their in store atmosphere is truly unique with the blend of artwork, music, streetwear, and of course sneakers.

Since Adikt opened its doors July 14th of this year, the shop is still too young for Nike to give them the time of day, but soon enough you will be able to find limited Nike shoes in Adikt along with some boardsports lifestyle products since Darren himself was a snowboarder growing up.

If you live in the Dallas area or are visiting, this is a shop you need to check out.