Crooked Tongues adidas ZX 9000

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Adidas has much in store for us over the next few months with the aZX Project. The ZX classics have been interpretted by a powerful punch of 24 influencers including many shops from around the globe, but one of the shoes retooled was done by a name not affixed to a brick and mortar store – Crooked Tongues.

Very much an authority in the sneaker world, Crooked Tongues was called upon to interpret the ZX 9000 how they see fit. The shoe features a mix of charcoal, light grey, and yellow across the shoe, but the most noticeable touch is the carbon fiber look on the rear TPU. The Crooked Tongues adidas ZX 9000 will release in the third set of the aZX series on October 8th. Photos thanks to spiritfingers from CrookedTongues.

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