Converse Weapon

Besides the Chuck Taylor, the Weapon model undoubetedly put Converse Basketball on the map. The instant classic basketball sneaker orginally released in 1985; however, since then, it has been re-released in 2002 and 2008. In 1985, the Weapon was backed and fueled by one of the strongest basketball campaigns created. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, the two most recognizable stars in the NBA during that time, appeared in many Converse Weapon advertisements and also wore the sneaker. It was also in 1985 that the Los Angeles Lakers won the title over the Boston Celtics.

The Converse Weapon was created in various colorways and was worn by other players including Isaiah Thomas, Kevin McChale, Bernard King and Mark Aguirre. The makeup of this sneaker was comprised of premium leather throughout the entire silhouette including the heel. With that said, it will always be remembered as one of the mores sturdiest basketball sneakers ever manufactured.