Converse Weapon EVO Performance Review

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If you recall (we don’t expect most of you to), the original Converse Weapon was backed by one of the strongest advertisement campaigns the sneaker world has ever seen. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and many other NBA stars wore this sneaker in the mid 80s. Almost 20 years, later Converse has now released an updated version dubbed the Converse Weapon EVO.

This particular model debuted in the retailers this month; however, we first spotted it during the 2009-2010 NBA season, namely on Chicago Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich’s feet. Obviously, the aforementioned Weapon was one of the better basketball sneakers of the 80s; yet, can the Weapon EVO be one of Converse’s standout sneakers for the latter part of the 2000’s? With that said, we put the Weapon EVO through multiple performance tests to see how it would respond. Click here to view its grade plus the various colorways it has recently released in.

Converse Weapon EVO Performance Review

Strengths: When the original Converse Weapon first released in 1986, it was undoubtedly considered one of the more sturdiest sneakers on the market. Likewise, you can easily attach that player-friendly attribute to the updated Weapon EVO as well. Its silhouette, which is comprised of a 100% full grain leather, was created and manufactured to provide the player with a long-lasting, battle-tested sneaker. Not only is the outer layer of the shoe ready for all indoor/outdoor basketball activity, its inner features keep the player’s foot in a comfortable place. With that said, the heel cushioning in the Weapon EVO is some of the best we have tested on any sneaker. This feature can be attributed to the new technology Converse has incorporated into this shoe called Converse Ball Technology. Specifically, this technology utilizes multiple polyurethane balls in the heel that indirectly correlate with the player’s impact. All in all, the Weapon EVO’s best features are its cushionining and its durability.

Weaknesses: Although the Weapon EVO is one of the more durable Converse sneakers yet, its solid mold leads way to a very stiff fit. Sure, this sneaker has various sections of perforations, the shoe itself is not as breathable as advertised. Furthermore, the stiff fit along with the lack of breathabiity, gives this shoe immobile feel at times.

Overall, the Converse Weapon EVO is ideal for the player who performs any rigorous basketball activities both indoor and outdoor. Its extreme cushioning and full grain leather base provide the wearer with one of the more durable sneakers on the market.

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