A Conversation with David Fischer and Ronnie Fieg

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As we all know, Black Friday always produces a limitless amount of shoppers year in and year out. However, it has also become a specified release date for some of the best sneakers of the year. With that said, there will be a couple of must-have sneakers this upcoming Black Friday (November 27th, 2009) including the third and final installment of the High Snobiety x Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte Trilogy.

Following the Culture Shoq x Asics Gel Lyte III (July ’09) and the Nice Kicks x Asics Gel Lyte III (October ’09), Ronnie and David?Fischer?will unleash its collaboration with High Snobiety on the same sneaker this Black Friday. Our Nice Kicks staff got the chance to sit down with both Ronnie and David to talk about the trilogy. Therefore, click here to read an in-depth interview with both masterminds as they discuss their thoughts about the trilogy, design inspirations, the Asics Gel Lyte III silhouette and much more.

David Fischer

Nice Kicks: Collabs are nothing new for David Z or for Asics. What makes the Trilogy Project different from the other collabs?

Ronnie Fieg: The Trilogy Project brings the third element to the table, my favorite blogs. When people see the the blogs attached to the project, I don’t believe they see what the real intentions were. I wanted to connect with not only the blogs, but the people behind them which influence me. Working with Greg from Cultureshoq, Matt from nicekicks and David from highsnobiety has been an amazing experience. I’m usually working on projects alone so adding another talented person to the project makes it that much better for the shoe.

Nice Kicks: What was your initial reaction when you were asked to take part in this series of collaborations?

David Fischer: I was definitely excited to be part of the project. We write all year long about sneakers and sometimes it’s just great to be creating something non-virtual. There is nothing like creating a product that you can then hold in your hand. I have known Ronnie for a while, so it was just a nice project to be working on together.

“I don’t feel that the shoe (Gel Lyte III) is necessarily a mainstream sneaker and ready for chain stores. I still consider the shoe the best kept secret for the Asics Sportstyle brand.”

– Ronnie Fieg

Nice Kicks: The first collab of the Gel Lyte III was with David Z back in early 2007. Two and a half years later, do you think the shoe has as much more or less traction than when it was worked on?

Ronnie Fieg: The Gel Lyte III has seen its fair shares of collaborations around the globe and has achieved major success when released with the right retailers. I don’t feel that the shoe is necessarily a main stream sneaker and ready for chain stores I still consider the shoe the best kept secret for the Asics Sportstyle brand.

High Snobiety x Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III (Left to Right) High Snobiety, Nice Kicks, Culture Shoq

Nice Kicks: There have been a healthy number of Asics Gel Lyte III’s to release in the past 2 years. What did you do to make the shoe stand out from the rest?

David Fischer: In our case, the approach is always a little different. Of course we do not want to make something that everybody has seen already a 100 times, but standing out of the crowd at all cost is not really our style. Also, if you look at previous product collaborations that we were apart of, you can see that we usually stick to the subtle and classic colors and styles. For us being able to wear the product day in and day out is much more important than having the most flashy product out there. That said, we concentrated on choosing some nice premium materials that you do not get on most sneakers out there and stand out that way!

Nice Kicks: In your opinion do you think there are still possibilities for new takes on the Gel Lyte III? Any other silhouettes by Asics that tempt you?

Ronnie Fieg: There are so many different approaches I have taken with this silhouette that it still surprises me today as to how different each samples comes out. With the library of materials Asics makes available to me, the possibilities to create and design a dope Gel Lyte III are endless. As far as other silhouettes are concerned, I have already worked on a GT Quick and i am in the middle of working a few other styles that I cannot mention so the answer is yes, I am tempted and sometimes it’s healthy to feed your temptations.

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