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Community Spotlight is back!

Today we shine our light on a 42 year old collector of nice kicks from Leeds, England, Warren Jones. Jones has been collecting kicks for about 20 years and has put together a nice collection that is comprised of gems from brands like VANS, adidas, Nike, Jordan and Converse. In addition to having a love for sneakers, Warren is a coffee enthusiast and co-owner of Mrs. Atha’s, a specialist coffee shop in Leeds.

Take a few minutes out of your day to read about a fellow sneakerhead, and then let us know who you think we should feature next week in the comments section below.

Name: Warren Jones

Location: Leeds, England

Social Media: Instagram

Jeffrey Jason: When did you start collecting kicks?

Warren Jones: That’s hard to actually pinpoint exactly. I guess I wasn’t necessarily conscious of being a collector as such until I’d accumulated quite a few pairs by the early 2000s. I’ve always loved my kicks though – ever since I was a kid.

JJ: Who or what shoe started it all for you?

WJ: I got a pair of “Fire Red” Jordan 4s for my 16th birthday and that model has always been in my all-time top five. It’s one of the greatest shoes ever made and of course it was designed by the greatest – Tinker Hatfield. Even as a young kid growing up in England where basketball wasn’t a big thing it was impossible not to be aware of the phenomenon that was Michael Jordan.

JJ: What was your last pickup?

WJ: I was lucky enough to get all three pairs of the Supreme x Air Jordan 5s — an incredible shoe. I think it’s attracted some negativity for the overt branding but I believe it will become one of those all-time great collaborations. It was a must have for me. Two of my favourite brands doing what they do so well and smashing it.

JJ: What is your grail or shoe you’re still hunting for?

WJ: Sadly I had it and sold it, the “Undefeated” Air Jordan 4. I really didn’t want to sell it but the amount of money on the table was way too much to turn down. Especially as I have two kids! I was also unlucky enough to have some of my favourites stolen in a robbery last year. Stuff like my 1985 Chicago Jordan 1s and my Black/Solar Red Yeezy 2s. So it would be nice to welcome those back into the fold.

JJ: What do you love most about sneaker culture?

WJ: I love the sense of community. Meeting like minded sneaker heads with a passion for the game. I used to have a sneaker store in Leeds called Sneakerville back in 2003 and it was just so much fun sitting around chatting about sneakers all day every day. Now we have all the online community to do that with and that link is really bringing people together. Anything that can do that is a good thing in my book.

JJ: What would you like to see change/more of in sneaker culture?

WJ: I’m not sure I’m qualified to say that anything needs to change. Things grow organically in their own way and become what they become. I’m not gonna wail on the reseller community which would seem to be the de rigueur these days. If you’re prepared to sleep on the streets for days to get what you want and sell it then to me you’ve earned that money. But obviously I can understand the point of view of people who actually want to buy and wear the shoes, too. I was kind of bemused on Instagram recently when I was congratulated for actually wearing the Supreme Jordans but I guess that’s just the world we live in now. The expectation is that you’re gonna sell ’em. I’ve always loved that feeling of putting the heat straight on the feet.

JJ: Someone else’s collection I really admire is ________

WJ: On Instagram I love guys like @johnreeper916, @afrokix, @bakegriffin and @solelove1. Incredible collectors and they also seem like really cool people with a social conscience and opinions. I’m all about having opinions! I’m also lucky enough to be friends with some guys who are a little bit more low key than me and are not into sharing online so much but have some truly incredible collections that I get to see them wearing on a regular basis. They know who they are.

Keep up with Warren on Instagram.

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