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Community Collections is spending Easter Sunday down under in the city of Perth. Australia’s Lee Ingram is currently on an ASICS kick, complete with a throne, but his collection runs much deeper than just that. With an addictive personality trait that provides a predisposition to collecting, Lee firmly planted his feet and turned his attention to sneaker collecting around 2005. Since then, his collection has grown to nearly 500 pairs, taking over its own room in the house.

Read through the feature to hear Lee’s sneaker story, and see some of his personal favorites including his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Drop a line with your feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep refreshing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.

Name: Lee Daniel Ingram
City: Perth, WA, Australia
Instagram: @leedeville
Size: 11.5
Started: 2005

Sneaker Story:

“Shoes have always had a significant role throughout my life, regardless of the stages I have been through. From Vision Suedes back in the late 80s, through to 18 hole Doc Martens in the early 90s, I always had five or so pairs on the go at any given time. Things got serious in 2005, with the release of the 35th Anniversary adidas collection. I had just started using eBay, and for the first time I had access to things like I never had before. Perth is the most isolated city on the planet, so not a lot of kicks found their way here in the past. My first online sneaker purchase was the “Red Hot Chili Pepper” adidas Superstars, and that opened the floodgates for a number of years of exclusive adidas collecting. Then I saw the “Homegrown” Air Max 90s and remembered back to when I had wanted a pair of the “Infrareds” when they first dropped. That opened my collection up to Nike, and it wasn’t long before ASICS, Puma and New Balance followed. Currently my main focus is ASICS, though I am happy to buy any quality kicks regardless of which brand. My collection currently sits at around 450+ pairs and counting. I am happy to say I buy what I like, not to make money. I have never sold a pair of kicks in my life and hopefully I will never have to. Teaching graphic design at Curtin University allows me to justify my obsession with sneakers, and also with t-shirts (refer to my IG). I consider each pair of shoes that I purchase to be an example to the students of quality design and branding.”

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