Community Collections: James Bondo

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Showing a little love to the up-and-comers, Community Collections spotlights a brand new collector from Rhode Island. Everyone has to start somewhere, and James Bondo seems to have started in the right place. Starting from the ground up, James has already established his stock with a number of notable sneakers. Mostly staying within the Nike and Air Jordan family so far, this fresh enthusiast likes the capture just as much as the wear. Not even out of high school yet, Bondo found an unexpected love through sneakers and has tied it into his true passion, photography.

Browse your way through the pages to hear James’ sneaker story and see some of his favorites with premium imagery, including his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Leave your feedback on his stash in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep refreshing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.


Name: James Bondo
City: Providence, RI
Instagram: @James_Bondo
Size: 11
Started: 2011

Collection Summary:

“Being born in 1996, pretty much after the reign of MJ, and growing up playing sports other than basketball, getting new sneakers was never really a priority. Maybe buying one or two pairs of Nikes on clearance at the beginning of a school year, Jordans and other more expensive shoes were definitely out of the question. It wasn’t really until my foot stopped growing that I ever even debated spending money on nicer sneakers. After seeing my cousin wearing a pair of Jordans, and my friend Josh telling me to camp outside with him for the Concords, collecting actually became more serious. Being a ’90s baby, collecting stuff like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards was basically second nature, and I tend to make a habit of stocking up on a collection once I start. Now that I’ve been into sneakers for a couple years and going off to college soon, I’ve taken a bit of a step back to focus more on school and photography. I’ll get back into it soon once I get a steadier job, but for now check out my collection and growing passion for photography!”

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