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Community Collections is back in the city that never sleeps with a sneaker enthusiast who not only collects himself, but keeps his son laced as well. Adhurim Marke is from Staten Island, and his sneaker stock mostly includes Air Jordans and Nike Basketball signatures, with rare samples and a couple surprises also found in the mix. Beyond his hoop preferences, Marke also builds his extravagant collection with bigger meaning, paying homage to his history and honoring his loved ones. Lucky enough to have a Mother that kept him fresh from an early age, Adhurim Marke is carrying on the tradition and has already introduced mini-me, RG3, to the world of sneakers.

Browse through the pages to see Adhurim’s collection and some of his personal favorites, including his Most Rare Pair. Drop a comment in the box at the bottom of the page with your feedback, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers.


Name: Adhurim Marke
City: Staten Island, NY
Instagram: @GatesMarke
Started: 2001

Collection Summary

“Growing up in New York, sneakers, especially Js, were always around me. It was like owning a pair made you feel like the GOAT himself. My Mother was always into keeping me fresh for school, so any Air Jordan that I wanted, I was blessed with. I remember it like it was yesterday: I wanted the “Bred” Air Jordan 11s for Christmas back in 2001. A couple of days before Christmas, my Mom put them on the floor next my bed while I was sleeping, and when i woke up… I became addicted to kicks. Now, not only do I lace myself up, I keep my son Robert, aka RG3, laced up. I have about 250 pairs myself, and my son has around 40-50, consisting of basically basketball kicks from Jordans, to LeBrons, KDs, Foams and Kobes.”

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