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Jul 20, 2014 | Jordan Howenstine |



Community Collections swings up to the Motor City to highlight a sneaker enthusiast who is all about the classics. Ennis Monroe started stocking shoes in 1998, and has been stomping around Detroit in vintage Nike and Air Jordan models ever since. Originally hooked on the Air Jordan 7, Monroe now grabs the retro renditions of older silhouettes that he couldn’t afford as a kid, and still puts an emphasis on iconic models like the Nike Air Force 1 and Bo Jackson trainers.

Work your way through the following pages to see highlights and commentary on Ennis’ entire sneaker stash, including his his Most Rare Pair and Most Frequent Wear. Drop a line on what you think of his collection in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and keep Nice Kicks bookmarked for everything sneakers.


Name: Ennis Monroe
Instagram: @em44o
City: Detroit, MI
Started: 1998
Size: 13

Collection Summary:

“My love for sneakers began as a kid growing up in the late ’80s. My passion grew as I became influenced by hip-hop, sitcoms and sports. Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford the lastest and greatest, although my mom did sacrifice a lot to make sure I had a few jewels from that era. With that being said, my sneaker journey began by picking up kicks that may have been out of my price range as a youngster. Nike is my weapon of choice. I love rocking joints from the golden era of Air (1988-96). I enjoy a lot of the new stuff, advanced technology and all, but I LOVE THE CLASSICS!


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