Coachella Vibes Inspire Custom Gucci Rhyton

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Whether you attend #Couchella from the comfort of your crib or witness #Beychella up close, the Coachella music festival has undoubtedly turned into a cultural phenomenon where live art, music and fashion intersect.

Los Angeles based artist Rob Hill drew inspiration from the festival to create a one of a kind custom. With the chunky Gucci Rhyton as the base, Hill used the silhouette as a canvas for some of his signature strokes. With an array of colors and a precise attention to detail, Hill elevated this custom Gucci Rhyton.

Take a look at the custom Gucci Rhytons below and be sure to follow the artist here for more fire content. Would you rock these? Were you at Coachella? What’s your go-to musical festival shoe? Let us know in the comments below.

Custom Gucci Rhytons Custom Gucci Rhytons Custom Gucci Rhytons

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