Chris Webber

Chris Webber or C-Webb was one of the best players to enter the NBA in the 1990?s. As a power forward, C-Webb dropped amazing dimes and will go down in history as one of the better passing big men to have played in the NBA. His career average 20.7 points per game also proves his amazing scoring ability. Chris Webber?s name will definitely be mentioned as a future hall of fame candidate.

Upon entering the NBA in 1993 as the overall first draft pick, Chris Webber signed a deal with Nike and played in shoes such as the Nike Air Maestro. In 1995, C-Webb received his own signature shoe from Nike, the Air Max Sensation. However the shoes had a high retail price, even more expensive than Air Jordans, and C-Webb decided to leave Nike and signed a contract with Fila. After contractual disputes with Fila, Webber picked up a sponsorship by the urban wear brand Dada.

Nike Air Maestro

Nike Air Max Sensation

Fila C-Webb

Dada CDubbz