Chicago Bulls to LeBron: Do You Dare to Fill These Shoes?

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We have now witnessed the first five days of this unforgettable free agent craze, and we still have no clue as to wear King James will be playing next season. However, if you have been paying attention closely, you would know that every team in pursuit of LeBron James has a different marketing scheme in hopes of luring him to their respective ball club.

The Chicago Bulls, a team that most people think will win the LeBron James sweepstakes, has taken sort of a reverse psychology scheme in its pursuit of LeBron. Recently, the Chicago Bulls officials sent a package to LeBron’s front door which contained an OG colorway of the Air Jordan Alpha 1 and a message daring James to fill MJ’s shoes…literally. In detail, the message stated, “Do You Dare to Fill These Shoes?” Additionally, the message contained more reverse psychology for James to soak up as seen above. This is definitely a pretty interesting and bold move on Chicago’s part. Do you think it will have any effect on his decision?

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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