Check Out Zhijun Wang’s “VaporMask” in New Short Film

Apr 14, 2017 | Ian Stonebrook |



Are face-masks the must have accessory of 2017? Sported in recent times by Theophilus London, Pharrell and The Weeknd, the fashion statement is making noise as a GR from CVS, but it’s even bolder when made in sneaker styling by Zhijun Wang.

Recently, the Beijing-based designer was handpicked to have himself and his product featured in the Culture Expo Taiwan 2017 video by Taiwanese Director Yuen Hsieh. Check out the premise:

In 2027, the world is covered by heavy haze due to Shiya Enterprise’s massive discharge of pollutants and the dust hazards from large-scale construction sites. This leads to the increasing human hematological, respiratory and reproductive system diseases.

The society values people at individual status and achievement. Mass media brainwashes us though the Internet and TVs. Age no longer represents as a symbol of maturity unless you are officially issued an “Adult License” by passing the government’s examination. There are millions of people submitting their applications to The Centre For Mind Monitoring Control (CMMC) longing for a chance to be approved as a real adult. CMMC would provide the adults supplies invented Shiya Enterprise for sustainable superiority. However, the non-adult considered as failures in the society are physically damaged by the thick haze, and mentally self abandoned due to the shortening lifespans. Also, they are not allowed to have marriage, freedom to make decisions, better living conditions, and the reasonable social resources. In this case, the mass production and selling of haze masks becomes a profitable business for Shiya Enterprise.

However, a group of juveniles still stick to their dreams despite the denial from the society. How these young kids self prove their values without getting the “Adult License” by successfully making their own version of the haze mask modified by the fabric from Shiya Enterprise’s shoe factory. There’s always more than one path and option in the presence of being adult.

Sound cool? It is. Check it out in the video and stills below.



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